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Let us fill you in!

Do Pitango soups and meals need to be refrigerated?

Yes, all our products are fresh so they need to be stored in a refrigerator between 1-4°C.

Does Pitango use any additives or preservatives in Pitango fresh soups and meals?

No, we only use ingredients that you would find in your kitchen at home.

Which of Pitango’s fresh soups and meals are organic?

Our Pumpkin & Ginger and Minestrone Soups are both certified organic by Australian Certified Organic.

Which of Pitango’s fresh soups and meals are free range?

We use free range chicken and lamb in all our chicken and lamb soups and meals.

Do your meals cater for special diets?

Absolutely. We have Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Fat, Vegetarian and Vegan options available.

Where can I buy Pitango soups and meals?

You can find us in the Chilled Aisle of most supermarkets nationwide. If you can’t find Pitango in your local store, give us a tingle and we’ll help you out.

Are Pitango soups available wholesale?

Yes, definitely. Please contact us at info@pitango.co.nz in NZ or info@pitango.com.au in Australia for more information.

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